About Patricia Hayes

Devoted to the expansion of spiritual awareness through color and motion


Patricia Hayes is an internationally renowned teacher, lecturer, artist, and author who has appeared on numerous major television programs including Current Affair, Unsolved Mysteries, Unexplained Mysteries and Strange Universe and Japan’s version of 20/20. Her published work includes The Gatekeeper, and The Extension of Life, which she co-authored with her husband, Marshall Smith.

Patricia’s most recent works are Prince Abba and Magi Patiput, and her latest new book, Light from the Heavens/I’ll Never Stop Loving You, featuring art as a spiritual experience. This beautifully illustrated book contains her mesmerizing art work, accompanied by mystical revelations, a brief interpretation of each art piece, and commentary on the new art that is emerging in our world today.

As a leading pioneer in intuitive and spiritual development for over 45 years, Patricia is well known for her innovative experiential teaching methods. In 1985, Patricia and her husband, Marshall, founded Delphi University in the beautiful Blue-Ridge Mountains of North Georgia, a well-known school for higher learning which offers certification courses, and undergraduate and graduate programs.  In addition, Patricia is the founder of The RoHun Institute at Delphi University which offers an extensive study program in Spiritual Psychotherapy and Transpersonal Psychology.  She is also the author and founder of the Self Enlightenment Correspondence Program, an on-line study program offered through www.selfenlighten.com.

Patricia and her husband, Marshall, a retired vice president of Kimberly-Clark Corporation, divide their time between their home in Florida and their lovely retreat home in North Georgia.

Light from the Heavens, I'll Never Stop Loving You
An exciting look into the
world of Entura Art and Spirit.
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Entura Artist - The Process and Development

Entura means enter the energy field. The Entura Artist enters the energy field of their subject and then channels the energy of the subject through color and motion onto paper. The subject for Entura Art varies greatly from harmony, wisdom, meditation or a person. The artist then studies their drawing to learn more about their subject or subject matter. In essence, the invisible becomes visible through this method of channeling.

"The artist enriches the soul of humanity. The artist delights people with a thousand unsuspected shades of feeling. The artist reveals spiritual riches until then unknown, and gives people new reasons for loving life and new inner lights to guide them."

To become an Entura Artist, one does not need to have any art experience. Individuals who are artists are taught how to transcend beyond personal or traditional methods of drawing and painting to create mystical impressions.

Through the utilization of Entura Art techniques, the mystical artist within awakens; thus, allowing the mystical artist and the symbolic creation to become absolutely authentic upon entering deeply within the self, as the soul and spirit genius of the person guides the artist’s hand with the fertility of his inner sight, inner hearing, intuition and sensitivity. The Entura artist clears his inner path, and becomes an intuit heart recipient of the pregnant channel of sacred images so that he may know distinctive truth through the communication and accuracy of the transmission.

As the Entura Artist channels authentic truths the art may lead the artist down a sundry of corridors to seek and discern the mysterious communication of the spheres; thereby, clearly concluding that all souls seek the same light of awareness. Art unifies us all to reveal and understand God's iconic memorandum; this is the universal language that touches the souls of all who listen to and feel the strokes and color of motion, while extracting the messages of truth that are imprinted upon the ethers.

The Entura Artist becomes a vehicle for communication, healing, and growth through non-verbal as well as verbal expression. The artist can help people reconcile emotional conflicts and expand self-awareness. This expertise and the techniques can be applied to individuals, couples, families, groups, places and things; past, present or future.

Entura Art Internship

The Entura Art Internship program consists of five workshops that allow the Certified Entura Artist’s expertise and techniques to channel Soul Portraits, work with children, adolescents and adults to uncover unconscious or emotionally charged feelings that may be impossible to access by verbal means.The visual medium of art provides an avenue for symbolic and metaphoric expression that can lead to a deeper understanding of personality, inner experiences, critical facets of life experiences. Graduates are authorized as Field Instructor of Delphi University to teach Entura Art I and II in their area.

For more information visit: www.delphiu.com

Delphi University

Delphi University is one of the world's leading Schools of Spiritual Studies. It is a private institution which offers undergraduate and graduate programs in Metaphysical and Transpersonal Psychology Studies, RoHun™ Spiritual Psychotherapy, Holistic Healing, and Alternative and Complementary Medical Therapies. Delphi University offers numerous Certification Programs, as well as Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral degrees for the career minded student interested in a Spiritual or Holistic Healing Practice.

For more information visit: www.delphiu.com

The University of Self Knowledge Self-Enlightenment Correspondence Courses

The program offers innovative teachings through an ordered and progressive curriculum. Courses begin with the Mystical Path followed by Initiates, Advanced Initiates and Eternal Way Training. Each course guides individuals through the process of acquiring Self-Knowledge.The program blends innovative esoteric, metaphysical, and sacred teachings of the East and West, as well as specific meditative practices that inspire illumined states of consciousness and light the way to God-Realization.

For more information on Meditation visit: www.selfenlighten.com