Picture of Custom Soul Portrait

Custom Soul Portrait

18" x 12" Original
$645.00 (USD)

About Entura Art

Entura means “entering the aura." Kirlian photography, developed by the Russians years ago, first provided a method of seeing the energy field that surrounds individuals referred to as an aura. Although not recognized by the scientific community, this energy field can be seen, felt and photographed. Entura Art provides the method of tuning into this energy field and channeling the energy field onto paper. Interpretation of this energy, color and motion provides the Entura artist with spiritual, psychic, mental, emotional and physical information about the subject that is drawn.

Soul Portraits

When an individual commissions a Soul Portrait, I request that they send me a photograph that has been taken within the past year. Before beginning, I attune to their photograph and go into a meditative state in order to channel their entire energy field. When the Soul Portrait is completed after several sittings, I study the energy; color, motion and images that have been channeled and record a CD of the spiritual, psychic, mental, emotional and physical information about the individual that is revealed. High-quality signed original on acid-free matte paper. Made with soft pastels on charcoal paper.


I have my portrait and feel such a floodgate of emotions. I'm literally shaking and vibrating inside though my physical body is still. I've not stopped crying. Where do I begin?....

Your interpretation is beyond significant and so on point for me at this time. You are accurate about this year which has been amazing. The shoe and "feet" from your interpretation...wow.

Patricia...this is beyond beautiful...amazing...sacred...inspiring...affirming, my words aren't matching my feeling state. How giving and generous of your time, talent and heart you are. I want to get it framed but want to be with the "messages" and "image" for a while first. I thank you so deeply for everything. Thank you for reading all of this...just a small portion of what’s in my heart. The time you spent with channeling this for me is a gift and I treasure it and you.

Renee Garrick

I just wanted to thank you for the incredible Soul Portrait. I am just blown away by the level of detail and the profound messages that were presented. My heart "skipped" a few beats as I was listening to the tape. I feel very fortunate, grateful, inspired and supported as I continue on my journey. Wow!

You describe a past life I had as an Italian monk-writer. What I find so interesting is that I have just published a book about my spiritual journey and have written a series of other books associated with my spiritual travels.

The migration to Lake Titicaca you mentioned is amazing. I lived in Peru as a child, returned as a U.S. Air Force officer assigned to the Peruvian Air Force, and in 2008 went on a spiritual pilgrimage to Machu Pichu (not Titicaca). Also, while in the Air Force I was trained as a special operations/rescue helicopter pilot and our mission was to rescue/"remove" others. So there has always been a deep connection with the Andean culture and cosmology. You had also mentioned breathing and I have integrated many eastern breathing practices into my personal spiritual practice and helping my clients. There was also mention of the need to help cleanse the waters spiritually and physically--in the late 80s's I was a water treatment sales engineer and have been involved in many water purification rituals during visits to Machu Pichu and other sacred sites in New Zealand, Canada and Australia, and have lived near the water. There are other synchronicities that are just now beginning to come into my awareness as I do a life review using all this information.

Love & Blessings,

I received my portrait last Saturday and I have not stopped looking at it! A lot of the energy that I have felt around me for so long now has a face or faces. You so eloquently mentioned in my reading “Until I feel it, I know it’s real.” As a side note: I am so relieved to know that I wasn’t cracking up all this time either! Lol. I am so grateful that my path steered me to Delphi where I was introduced to all the wonderful and kindred spirits there. I got there on a wing and a prayer, maybe a few prayers…lol, all the same! The universe wanted to make sure I went to best place for my highest good, ultimately, for the good of Mother Earth and, for that I am grateful.

I have said YES on so many levels, I know now, more than ever, what my truest and highest purpose is in this incarnation. I feel like I have stepped through the door, and there’s no turning back…. I also recognized that in my soul portrait. Thank you Patricia on so MANY LEVELS, for your life’s work! I am truly appreciative for all that you do and continue to do. If I have any questions, I will email you. Once again, thank you....in Love & Light,

Blessings to you and Marshall.

Sharon Shaw

Dear Patricia,
You are such a blessing in my life. Your book and this Soul portrait have come to me at a perfect time. Your drawing and messages are such divine confirmations that enlightened my heart with pure clarity. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and the depth of my soul!
Yes I experienced the death of many loved ones in this life time including the death of my mother at a young age, then that of my brother, my father, my close friend and my husband. Liberating myself from the fear of being in love and from experiencing the death of love again have been the main theme of my work in the last two years. You were very accurate about the timeframe of recent 6-8 months. There were multiple times in the last 6-8 months when I suddenly felt some acute pain in my body and intuitively knew that it was my fear of death. Your words carry so much powerful energy. I feel you were talking to my soul and I burst into tears several times. Now when I look back at all my previous experiences I know without a shadow of doubt that love had always been with me. Your message so beautifully confirmed it leaving no room for any second guess. Your drawing and messages are going to help me to stay focused in my true soul's desires.
I know I will continue to listen to  your messages and new insights will continue to come to me. The soul portrait will stay with me as a source of inspiration and clear guidance through my journey of fulfilling my soul's deepest desires.
In love and deepest appreciation,
D. W.