picFor many years it had been a dream of Patricia Hayes to use her extensive experience, knowledge and research in intuitive and spiritual development, spiritual psychotherapy and metaphysical healing to develop a structured system of study combining intuitive and spiritual training with holistic regeneration and healing for personal transformation.

This dream has been fulfilled by the formation of Delphi University which has a curriculum based upon sound energy and psycho-spiritual principles, and provides the expertise and the accompanying certifications and degrees upon completion. Patricia and her husband Marshall established the current Delphi University and Retreat Center in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia in 1985.

Patricia Hayes founded the Patricia Hayes School of Inner Sense Development in 1964 and has educated thousands of students worldwide in the areas of Intuitive and Spiritual Development, Transpersonal Psychology, Metaphysics, and Alternative and Complementary Medical Therapies.

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Picture of Light From the Heavens, I'll Never Stop Loving You by Patricia Hayes

$54.00 (USD)

Picture of The Adventures of Prince Abba by Patricia Hayes

$24.00 (USD)

Picture of Extension of Life by Patricia Hayes and Marshall Smith

$12.00 (USD)

Picture of The 28-Day Thought Diet by Vanessa Lowry et al

Picture of Spiritual Anatomy I by Marshall Smith

$33.00 (USD)

Picture of Spiritual Anatomy II by Marshall Smith

$39.00 (USD)

Picture of The New Day by Charles Paul Curcio

Picture of Man of Light by Kimberly Curcio