Articles of Interest

Connecting with Light from the Heavens By Patricia Hayes

In this unique time of ascension that shifted into an even higher gear in January 2014, we find ourselves holding on to our seats. With the greatest Light which is flooding our planet also comes the darkest shadows. We’ve seen evidence of this in our world in the past months. Read Article

Esoteric Secrets of Success for Journal By Patricia Hayes

I have found throughout my life that if I thought of anything for more than a few moments, I would be involved in doing it. Obviously this can be extremely good or bad depending on the nature of the thought. From this discovery, I learned to observe and monitor my thoughts rather than my actions. It was easier and always brought greater success and joy in my life. Choosing inspired and creative thought over critical, judgmental and/or self-demeaning thoughts has always made perfect sense to me. Read Article

Expand your Creativity and Channeling Abilities with Entura Art By Patricia Hayes

Entura means: entering the energy field and is the process of entering a higher state of consciousness and allowing energies to flow to one’s canvas. All of the drawings in my new book: Light from the Heavens are channeled. I sit with my pastels and paper, close my eyes and attune with my subject. I attempt to draw nothing. I consider myself an empty vessel for energies to dance across my paper revealing their message. When I am through, I study the drawing. Read Article

Our Changing World - Learning to use The Rose and Sword of Light By Patricia Hayes

Millions of people are wondering what our future holds. Food prices continue to rise and dissension is everywhere in our world. And yet, the spiritually aware are at peace. They realize that old thought structures are breaking down quickly to give rise to new expanding versions of truth. Read Article