Picture of Light From the Heavens, I'll Never Stop Loving You by Patricia Hayes

Light From the Heavens, I'll Never Stop Loving You by Patricia Hayes

New Book By Patricia Hayes Now Available in Hard Copy. An exciting look into the world of Entura Art and Spirit.

"Light from the Heavens- I'll Never Stop Loving You"

Envisage, the humble authority of beginning a book on mystical art and mystical revelations with one of the most spectacular love stories throughout time; a love that is based on a present life discovery that undrapes the events of soul progression, healing, forgiveness and acceptance within a sacred relationship that becomes an epic of resolve across the fluxes of the evolution of spirit.

The first section of this book “Love Story,” invites you to enter a revered involvement, one that reveals the sacred sharing of profound intimacy that bridges two souls of inter-reliant correlation and the exploration that when one event arises, all essential proceedings arise concurrently; revealing the perceptive flow of all actions that have a related connection; this process identifies what transpires when one event materializes within the entire universe; thus, changing the schematic motif of all things, and endorses the power of intimacy as an authorized force of the soul.

As her elevated insight guides you through the various pages you will enter portals of providential comprehension as you read the sections regarding “Spirit,Mother Earth, Transformation and Our Near Future.”  The mystical and channeled pieces of Art that accompany the enthralling writings are mesmerizing offerings from the heavens that flow through Patricia onto her canvas, followed by an in-depth and spiritual translation for each section of the book.

“Light From the Heavens” is an excursion of powerful treasures. It is a spiritual reservoir of mystical art and accompanying spiritual revelations plus validations from which we can draw divine grace, perception, and understanding. After reading this rendering it increases one’s realization that the paramount thing to do in life is to cultivate the aptitude for Wisdom and the capability to truly love faithfully; and to adopt respect for all people, life and Mother Earth; these are the authentic commitments and tenacity of inhabiting a physical body, the soul’s sacred transport.

A masterful and beautiful work, full of grace, wisdom and above all love. Patricia Hayes is a gifted spiritual teacher and writer who through her beautiful and heartfelt love story shares with us how Spirit works, and how we can experience the love of God in our lives. I have been deeply moved and inspired by Patricia's soul readings, art, and teachings and her message in this wonderfully honest account that we too can find our own love stories, and awaken to our true nature, which is love and radiate this throughout the world. This is a warm and tender book, full of the majesty of her loving, not just of her husband Marshall, but of spirit and life. This affirming message of hope and healing that we are many; we are one is a must read....a gem to be treasured.
Robert R. Maldonado, PhD. Author, The Calling of the Heart: A Journey in Self-Healing

Patricia is a Master teacher nurturing our egos to allow our Souls to connect with the Divine and reveal the Light and Love that both surrounds us and lives within us. She leads us on a metaphysical journey to make visible the invisible, weaving the threads of lifetimes to find the Oneness in all and to deeply understand that Love is the key. The story of grace, contemplation and new awakenings is mesmerizing; however, to understand the mystical journey of Entura Art is reason alone to delve into this beautiful book. Profoundly inspiring, moving and enticing to one's Spirit, the vehicle of Entura Art is a magnificent process of evolution to assist all who desire to connect with Soul to make sense of their own mystical life journey. The whole art is an evolution - it evolves as you evolve and all you have to do is open your heart and mind to see and follow the path of Spirit. May this book spread awareness of this technique far and wide to enlighten us all on our paths."
Tracy Latz, M.D. & Marion Ross, Ph.D. (a.k.a.) "The Shift Doctors" of Shift Your Life.com ®

Through their love story I was able to experience love in such a new way that a deep shift happened within me and a deep wound was healed in my heart. I know that love can never be lost and I know it is the love that was shared in this book that healed me. Patricia writes clearly and concisely. Her amazing Entura Art shares her knowledge of love, light, God, Heaven, and Earth. The light that emits from her words and drawings penetrates deeply within you to enlighten your inner wisdom. For the very first time in my life I felt God's light was breathing through me and I felt the joy of God being expressed out of me!   
Dena Wvong

The Entura Art Drawings are described so well that any reader can replicate the process. This immense body of knowledge gives the reader an understanding of the true meaning of love and the authentic relevance of light (Divine Love) in one's life. Using love, intelligence, and a peppering of intimate love letters, the resulting five sections of the book are genius, sheer genius. Each of these sections inspire, give hope, provide explanation, and give direction to the reader.  
Jennie Mills, PhD.

Words pale to give adequate voice to this high teaching provided for the reader in our present state and what is possible for our future existence.  
Dr Renee Garrick

WOW, WOW, WOW!!!! What a masterpiece of art, love, color, and wisdom your book is. Your love story with Marshall is AMAZING!! Gosh I hope to find my other half some day. I was on the edge of my seat with your stories about your past lives, especially when you and Marshall traveled to visit where your life was with Dominic and Consuela, that gave me chills. Your art work is incredible, so much wisdom, messages, and creativity in them. One of my favorites and so profound with meaning was the one you called Strange Drawing, it is so important for that message to get out to the world, and to help the masses awaken. Your tribute to women and the feminine energy makes me so thankful to have been born a woman during this important time. This book is one I will continue to read and reread, getting different golden nuggets of wisdom, it also has inspired me to reread Autobiography of a Yogi and Prince Abba again! And it really gives me the urge to return to Delphi and finish my classes there and to take your art class. I LOVE IT!! And I am so thankful to have you and the rest of the Delphi gang on my path in this lifetime!!
Lorrie Warren

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