Your Reality is basically what you think... The Greatest Loving Union is:

By Patricia Hayes

Your Reality is basically what you think... The Greatest Loving Union is:

An excerpt from my book: Prince Abba and Magi Patiput in which the Magi is sharing some fascinating wisdom with Abba.

“Your reality is basically what you think. Thoughts rise and fall in wave patterns around you all the time. It is only when you attach to a dark thought and energize it that it creates negative experiences. Imagine for a moment that you are looking in a mirror. and can easily see the thoughts that are encircling your head. Some are dark and some light. The only reason you would energize the dark ones would be feelings of unworthiness, anger, resentment or other dark emotions that are seeking dark thoughts.” He continued: “It is important to know and recognize the quality or lack of quality of the thought waves that rise within you. Meditation creates a flow of inspirational thoughts and expands the circle of Light that surrounds you.

Be aware and when you hear a thought that is negative and destructive, practice ‘on the spot transformation’. At that moment take your finger and touch your left temple and imagine pushing a button that says cancel. The negative thought that rose within you will immediately fall without incidence. You will not attach or energize the dark thought. When dark and dismal colors appear, recall the circumstances and individuals that most often trigger your negative thoughts. The next time you exchange words with them, allow your love to flow to them before you meet with them and if necessary, use on the spot transformation. You will know yourself in a greater way than you do now. This is self-mastery. You will see that the positive thoughts you plant in the circle around your head will create a more loving and positive reality immediately.

The greatest loving union is one in which each of the partners have developed self responsibility and because of that trust, value and respect their partner and self. To love is to care about and fulfilling your responsibilities in the union is caring about your partner, your union and yourself. This does not mean that one will always do this and the other will do that necessarily. It means both participate in whatever needs done. A union of love is a many splendored event in all dimensions of God.

Here’s the second most important thing you must remember. Everything you see outside yourself, no matter what it is you see is, a reflection of what is within you. This is why so many spiritual masters have taught that everything you see is an illusion., This has always confused people. When you look at yourself in a clear lake, you see yourself, don’t you?”, he asked Abba. “Yes”, Abba answered. “But it’s not really you in the water is it?” the Magi asked. “No”, Abba responded. “I am standing on the shore outside the water” Patiput told Abba that he was correct. “It is only a reflection of you in the water so, in essence, you could call that an illusion, correct?” “Yes, I see your point,” Abba responded. “The masters know that the real you is within you; your soul. Your experiences in your daily life are like the reflection you see in the pool. It is your inner being that creates what you see. “Everyone sees a rose differently, and that is because each of us sees through the eyes of our present state of mind and consciousness. What we see in our external world is a reflection of what is within our consciousness; our present thoughts and feelings. This is not an easy lesson, Abba, for one answer leads to another question. What makes you different than me and what makes each of us individual are the thoughts that are most prevalent and that are readily available to us are born out of our past experiences. Enlightenment means bringing light to each of the dark and dreary thoughts and feelings that are present and that we continually energize. Thoughts are continually rising from the storehouse within our consciousness. The ones we continually energize and the ones that create our experiences. It is our thoughts that reflect our external experiences like the reflection in the water. A beautiful woman can look at her reflection in the water and see a repulsive and ugly image. Is the reflection she sees real or an illusion? It is an illusion of what she has come to believe about herself. The reflection appears as ugly because her thoughts are reflecting what she thinks and feels about herself. The fact of the matter is her dark thoughts about self color everyone of her experiences for it is our thoughts that attract all of our experiences.”, Patiput concluded.

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