Expand your Creative and Channeling Abilities with Entura Art

By Patricia Hayes

Entura means: entering the energy field and is the process of entering a higher state of consciousness and allowing energies to flow to one’s canvas. All of the drawings in my new book: Light from the Heavens are channeled. I sit with my pastels and paper, close my eyes and attune with my subject. I attempt to draw nothing. I consider myself an empty vessel for energies to dance across my paper revealing their message. When I am through, I study the drawing. Whether the energy of an individual that has commissioned a Soul Portrait or a meditation that I desire to probe more deeply, the additional details and knowledge I receive through drawing never ceases to amaze me. I have been channeling energy for over 40 years. My experience has taught me that energy is information. If you can channel and read/ interpret energy, there is nothing you cannot know. This spiritual knowledge has enhanced every aspect of my life. Art’s universal language touches the souls of all who see, listen to and feel the strokes and color of motion. Color communicates light and energy well and has a spiritual resonance that’s metaphysical. The Entura Artist becomes a vehicle for communication, healing and growth through non-verbal as well as verbal expression. Heightened awareness, spiritual vision and higher perception are awakened in both the artist and the viewer.

Entura Art is nothing like traditional art. You don’t have to know how to draw at all. In the beginning stages, you learn to channel the subject with your eyes closed to insure you don’t attempt to draw. The images revealed provide confirmation that you are accurately channeling. You will love the colors and images that you are able to channel within the first few drawings that you attempt. A fascinating aspect of this art from the heart is that it is not unusual for images to appear overnight in your drawing. Many people have shared that faces have continued to appear in their soul portrait for up to a year. Entura art has been taught at Delphi for the past ten years. This year, for the first time, Delphi is offering an Art Internship. I encourage you to expand your creativity and channeling abilities. Entura Art nourishes both the heart and mind. The mind is curious to see what the heart is creating. The heart is fulfilled through the creation. I promise that you will fall in love with this art and each of your passionate instructors. I have known Evi Cheung and Elizabeth Hood for years. Their passion will inspire your greatest intuitive and creative abilities. I am sending light and love to help make the way possible for you to join them for Entura Art 1 May 5th -9th and Entura Art 2 May 9 -12th 2016 - Call early for reservation 1-888-335-7448 or 706-492-2772

*For more information: Entura Art Internship program is on Delphi University’s website: www.delphiu.com

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Entura Art Internship

The Entura Art Internship program consists of five workshops that allow the Certified Entura Artist’s expertise and techniques to channel Soul Portraits, work with children, adolescents and adults to uncover unconscious or emotionally charged feelings that may be impossible to access by verbal means.The visual medium of art provides an avenue for symbolic and metaphoric expression that can lead to a deeper understanding of personality, inner experiences, critical facets of life experiences. Graduates are authorized as Field Instructor of Delphi University to teach Entura Art I and II in their area.

For more information visit: www.delphiu.com

Delphi University

Delphi University is one of the world's leading Schools of Spiritual Studies. It is a private institution which offers undergraduate and graduate programs in Metaphysical and Transpersonal Psychology Studies, RoHun™ Spiritual Psychotherapy, Holistic Healing, and Alternative and Complementary Medical Therapies. Delphi University offers numerous Certification Programs, as well as Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral degrees for the career minded student interested in a Spiritual or Holistic Healing Practice.

For more information visit: www.delphiu.com

The University of Self Knowledge Self-Enlightenment Correspondence Courses

The program offers innovative teachings through an ordered and progressive curriculum. Courses begin with the Mystical Path followed by Initiates, Advanced Initiates and Eternal Way Training. Each course guides individuals through the process of acquiring Self-Knowledge.The program blends innovative esoteric, metaphysical, and sacred teachings of the East and West, as well as specific meditative practices that inspire illumined states of consciousness and light the way to God-Realization.

For more information on Meditation visit: www.selfenlighten.com