Esoteric Secrets of Success for Journal

By Patricia Hayes

How To Create Reality

I have found throughout my life that if I thought of anything for more than a few moments, I would be involved in doing it. Obviously this can be extremely good or bad depending on the nature of the thought. From this discovery, I learned to observe and monitor my thoughts rather than my actions. It was easier and always brought greater success and joy in my life. Choosing inspired and creative thought over critical, judgmental and/or self-demeaning thoughts has always made perfect sense to me. God gave us a left brain to organize and reason as well a right brain to receive higher inspiration and create through our ability to imagine. When we recognize both our left and right brain as equally valuable, team team, we are able to delegate our creative ideas and give them to our left brain to place them into order and birth them in our life. The esoteric secrets of success are profound yet simple and allow us to fulfill our spiritual purposeas well as follow our heart and soul’s aspirations. The following are some of the secrets that I have discovered over my 40 year career in spiritual work and some from a small book that I have recommended to students over the years: The Man who Tapped the Secrets of The Universe.

by Glen Clark

Secret # 1

Choice gives Direction to Action

If you say, you don’t have any direction in your life; it is because you haven’t made any choices. Leaders are aware of making moment to moment choices. These choices dictate their actions. To make a choice & not follow the direction of your choice is like not having a pilot for your airplane or a captain of a ship.

Secret # 2

Inspired Thought is always Creative. Inspired thought means Inspired & Creative Choices

Thought and inspiration have no physical dimension. They belong to the unseen and invisible worlds. Inspired and creative thought belongs to the thinker and to other thinkers who are capable of interpreting the symbolic form which is expressed in his/her thought. The things we produce and that can be seen, felt, sold have no meaning whatsoever except the meaning that people can give them through the inspiration and ability of the original inspired and creative thinker. This applies to everything in life. To get back to the real reality and substance of all things, you must get back into the thought world. Until you know that thought energy is the cause that is behind all things, and the product and form of things are only symbols and effects, you are limited to what has already appeared and has form in the physical world of effect. You belong to the world of imitation. As an imitator, one parrots others. One leans on others. One copies others but one does not create.

The person who truly knows this principle and lives it is one who creates by setting his or her inspirational thoughts and imaginings in motion by thought waves for the purpose of expressing his/her thought form. He/she realizes the only thing that he/she ever creates is the form and symbol of the thought. And if that form is true to the balance and rhythm of his/her inspired thought, then it will inspire others.

Secret # 3

Any one who truly “Thinks” knows that whatever he/she is creating is going to be a masterpiece before starting.

This is true of a sale, project, invention, painting, garden, book or letter. This knowing along with the intended creation is created through thought waves. Thought waves are the means by which creative and inspired thought is recorded in Light. They are not the thought. Thought form is a reference to the product in forms which constitute this objective universe. These forms are not the thought. No expression of anything is that which it expresses. The book is not the author. The play is not the play righter. They are physical symbols that represent. All knowledge and all thought come from God. In the greater Sense, creation is not the Creator. Even the thinking of the Creator is not the Creator. It is His extension, His imaginings and His expression of All-Knowledge, All Power and All Presence.

Secret # 4

Most people think our bodies are our real selves. They are merely high tech “coverings” which allow our soul to operate in the physical dimension of
time and space for the purpose of our eventual God Realization!

Our bodies are motivated by thought waves which spring from our consciousness as waves spring from the ocean. Thought energy is focused in our brain just as the spot of light is focused by a lens to become a more brilliant spot of light, gathered together from a large area into a point until it is strong enough to burn. You feel that consciousness as sensation focused in your brain which deceives you into believing that your body is you. Your body is only an instrument for you to express your imaginings just as a guitar is an instrument to express. The guitar is not the musician. Matter is the motion of light. Matter only appears as substance. Take motion away and there wouldn’t even be the appearance of substance.

Secret # 5

Successful men and women of all ages have learned to multiply themselves by gathering thought energy into a high potential and using it in the direction of their intended purpose.

They have three qualities in common:

  • They all produce a prodigious amount of work
  • Their inspiration keeps them tireless while working
  • Their minds grow more brilliant as they grow older, instead of less brilliant.

The thinking of successful men and woman is never exerted in any direction other than intended. Joy and happiness are the indicators of balance in a human body. An inner joy is the normal condition of the higher mind. Any lack of that joy develops body-destroying toxins. Inner ecstasy of the mind is the secret to perpetual youth. The psychic energy which motivates us is not within our bodies but part of the Universal supply which flows through us from the universal source with an intensity set by our desires and our will.

Secret # 6

The greatest part of the energy which we have stored for the use of our precious day is often gone by 10 AM. The Successful man and woman know how to work without waste of energy.

  • In order to get the best within themselves, they learn to eliminate thoughts and actions which takes away from their intended purposes.
  • They know that every event and experience of their life affects every other event and experiences they encounter.
  • They know that chaos, lack of order, arguments scatter life force and drain vital energy from body, mind and spirit.
  • They know that the flow of creativity in one area is strongest for about a two-hour period. By shifting to another aspect of their project or working on a different project, they will be able to keep their flow of creativity at its peak all day.
  • A successful individual is master of anything he/she does and does it in a masterly manner, with love, no matter what it is: hard work, menial, boring or inspirational work.

Secret # 7

Humility is one of the greatest qualities of love

Your service is for the greater good of the whole. The personal ego is replaced with the universal ego. One must know that he or she is an interpreter of the thought-world: one who is creating to fulfill a purpose that will enrich the world.

Secret # 8


If you look reverently toward your inner self, you will be amazed at what you find.
If you are alone long enough to get acquainted with yourself, you will hear whisperings from the universal Source of all consciousness which will inspire you. You will hear actual messages and revelations guiding you and showing you the way to the Source of the thought-world. You will be able to work with the cosmic forces instead of working blindly in the dark. When you get that feeling and that rhythm, which comes as inspiration, you know you can produce it and nobody can tell you that you cannot

Secret # 9


Flashes of inspiration come to those who seek it with humility and have a reverence towards the achievements of the Creator and Creation. With love of your work, love of life, and reverence for the universal force which gives you unlimited power, you will succeed at whatever you do. Flashes of inspiration come to those who plug into and commune with the Universal Source of all and become harmonious with its rhythms

Secret #10

Deep Purpose

When you feel your spiritual purpose, you elevate yourself to the highest level of Spirit.
You act as a Creator for the greater good of all. You gather your energy in the direction of your intended purpose conserving it and insulating it from dissipation in every direction other than that of your purpose. There is no use for energy of any kind unless there is a plan back of it. You cannot get creative value out of concentrated energy by letting it go back into the static condition from which you borrowed it unless you have a plan for its use. We create by thinking patterns or ideas which we call conceptions. We then concentrate our dynamic thought energy into materializing those forms.

Secret #11


Joy of your creations and achievements recharge you with a balancing energy for
the next creation. The majority of people live in yo-yo time. They have not transcended ordinary consciousness. They have never experienced this spiritual quality. They experience fleeting moments of excitement and happiness and then fall into disappointment, judgment and suffering. Joy is that quiet, invisible boiling up of the inspired Spirit within. There is no violent surface indication of the ecstasy. There is nothing dramatic about it but there is subtle light in the eye of the inspired and joyous one. This joy comes from the discovery of the Sacred Self which is within every man, woman and child.

Secret #12

The Successful Man and Woman places what he /she gives to the world in creative expression far ahead of that which he takes from the world.


Initiate: Immediately do something to begin forming the reality of your vision

Express: Talk about your vision to someone as if it already is

Focus: Place your energy in it to nourish its birth

Be: Adaptable, dependable, and responsible

Sustain: Your purpose, love, direction, and action will and must sustain the life of your vision

Initiate: There are many stages within creation, initiate your next step

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