Our Changing World - Learning to use The Rose and Sword of Light

By Patricia Hayes

Our Changing World

Millions of people are wondering what our future holds. Food prices continue to rise and dissension is everywhere in our world. And yet, the spiritually aware are at peace. They realize that old thought structures are breaking down quickly to give rise to new expanding versions of truth.

We are entering a New Day that will transform your vision of self, your world, and your spiritual potential. Just a little over a hundred years ago we understood our world to consist of matter interacting with energy. Now we know our world to be made up of energy assuming the form of matter. At the heart of this energy is the atom, the building material of the Universe. Our view of the larger universe has undergone a revolution. Once perceived as a constellation of tiny objects, like a mini solar system with its nucleus taking the place of the sun, physicists now see the Universe as a world where the very act of trying to observe the atom actually changes what is observed. Energy responds to thought. We have most recently learned our present time is not predictable at all, but rather is created each day by the collective thoughts of all of us. Life is a spiraling phenomenon that is caused, experienced, and guided by our ever expanding consciousness. Our future holds the promise of much greater things to come. And although the times in which we live exhibit rapid changes, the spiritually aware ones know that these changes are not random, but rather they are the unfolding of man’s innate potential. What Science does not yet know is that there is one infinite divine consciousness underlying all reality, of which we all are an inextricable part; and that our own life force is but a small part of a blissful sea of divine energy. The above channeled drawing:

The Rose and Sword of Light are two spiritual tools that are essential in these times. The Rose represents Love and the Sword of Light represents Forgiveness and the ability to swing your sword of light to cut through and release all the negative thoughts and events that have gathered in your energy field through past and present negative experiences. Loving yourself will allow you to use your sword of light to release all that is inhibiting and preventing your greatest and most beneficial abilities and accomplishments.

Ancient Hindu scriptures have always viewed history as cyclical in character, with vast repeating series of ages that have both an ascending and descending cycle. According to this view, we have left the descending cycle of Kali Yuga and are moving more fully into the ascending cycle of Dwapara Yuga. Everything in our world is in a state of transition and transformation. The religions of Kali Yuga were highly orthodox, firmly adhering to beliefs and practices approved by authority or tradition. To be a true follower required strict obedience and an unquestioning acceptance of the tenets and dogmas. Form was of far greater importance than spiritual understanding. Mankind has been going through a transitional phase in which these old modes of religious beliefs and practices are less accepted. Our present ascending cycle is known as an age of awakened intellect, energy awareness, and self interest. As a result of this, people have either chosen to believe in nothing spiritual, or have searched for God and self-knowledge in varied and numerous intuitive and mystical ways. The spiritual practices, some ancient and some new, are more satisfying to our emerging self-interest. Individuals are able to direct their own spiritual exploration without the need of religious authority. We will also begin to see self- interest in our world begin to elevate from greed, power, and control into more enlightened pursuits. Our newly awakened intellect will merge into a flowing intuitive awareness. Logic and reason will be perceived as too slow and rigid to move with and accommodate the flood of ideas that accompany the new flow of energy. Energy awareness will merge into a mystical sense of self, one in which we have expanded our own limited awareness into a transcendent awareness of our own intrinsic unity with higher consciousness. Techniques that support and assist the development of our intuitive and spiritual facilities will essentially become the unorganized and highly personal spiritual awakening processes of The New Day. The highly orthodox religious teachings will still be appreciated but, rather than being dogmatic law, they will be viewed as different ways to arrive at the same divine consciousness underlying all reality. Those of us that have been on a spiritual journey for a long time have found one thing for certain: the emerging awareness of our own ‘inner life force’ known as ‘chi’ is the seed that blossoms into the understanding that happiness and well-being are feelings. And, they come about as the result of our life force flowing positively. And through the direction of our life force, we are able to experience positive feelings at will, increasing our sense of abundance, peace and joy.

Another dramatic change occurring in this new day is the popularity and widespread interest in the arts. The newly awakened intellect, energy awareness, and the internet have brought what used to be the exclusive domain of the few within the reach of everyone. In past times we have experienced art as purely solid, material and rigidly realistic in form. The average person’s exposure to ‘art’ was limited to seeing paintings, sculpture, buildings, temples, palaces and landscapes. The emerging new art reveals art in ways that no other art form has been able to do. The emphasis of Art has gone from an object being revealed, to the experience of creation. Artists transcend ordinary consciousness and look through the eye of contemplation, which reflects the spiritual, transcendental, and transpersonal world, and reveals the trans-egoic world perceived by Soul and Spirit. While drawing, the artist feels the energy of the individual or subject as a sequence of rhythmic passages, and chooses each color intuitively. Enamored by the energy, they celebrate that allure with each rhythmic movement. The artists describe the experience of their creation as spirited, vigorous, and of being entirely alive with the presence of the drawing. Seeing through the eyes of Soul allows us to plumb the depths of the natural world and Spirit through eyes that are not tainted and focused on chaos. This process of creation has a positive, enjoyable, and healthy therapeutic effect.

Entura Art, something that I founded over 40 years ago, is a perfect example of the new art that is emerging. The drawings literally usher both the artist and viewer beyond the dualistic to see the heart of Spirit equally in every form. The viewer momentarily becomes the art and is, for that moment, released from ego’s strong sense of duality and isolation and liberated from the illusion of separateness. When this phenomenon happens, Art is spiritual and universal and serves to spiritually awaken people and stimulate artistic expression in our extraordinary spiritual journey. Entura Art is mystical and inspires a child-like state of consciousness which penetrates through all involvements and confusions. Entura means “entering the energy field” and is the simple process of entering a higher state of consciousness and allowing energies to flow to one’s canvas. Whether the energy field is of an individual or concept the artist wants to study, the energy flows through color and motion. Color communicates both light and energy well, and has an emotional resonance that’s metaphysical.

Channeling a Soul Portrait actually becomes an investigation. Before I begin, I close my eyes and attune with the heart of the individual. This allows me entry into the energies of Soul and Spirit. As I intuitively choose colors, I feel them as messengers of light telling their story on my canvas. Heightened awareness, spiritual vision, and higher perception are awakened in both the artist and the viewer. We all currently possess a qualitatively new and subtler level of perception. The psychic and spiritual abilities that were always within us are now being revealed. The new buzz word is energy and a fascinating aspect of Entura Art is that the drawings continue to change and evolve after being completed. The rhythmic motion of the many colors of pastels slowly settling continues to transform the drawing. It is not unusual for new images to appear overnight, and many have shared that new form(s) have continued to appear for up to a year afterwards.

The art emerging in this New Day nourishes both the heart and the mind. The mind is curious to see what the heart is creating. The heart is fulfilled through the creation. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. I would like to share some drawings channeled by some of my most recent students and a few of my own drawings that have transformed dramatically over the years and most significantly in 2011. The Harmonic Convergence we experienced in 1987 greatly transformed all of us but it was miniscule compared to the Convergence we felt and experienced on 11.11.11. What an exciting time to be on Mother Earth!

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