Connecting with Light from the Heavens

By Patricia Hayes

In this unique time of ascension that shifted into an even higher gear in January 2014, we find ourselves holding on to our seats. With the greatest Light which is flooding our planet also comes the darkest shadows. We’ve seen evidence of this in our world in the past months.

Many of you have come to Mother Earth for the purpose of awakening hearts and minds. I have spent the past two years writing Light from the Heavens: I’ll Never Stop Loving You so that spiritually aware people will know what to do and how to do it in these exceptional times. Connecting with Spirit is a real and tangible fact and Our spiritual friends want people to know that fact without a shadow of a doubt. Spirit is presently walking amongst us looking for channels to assist them in bringing greater depth of spiritual understanding to all those who are seeking. Meditation is the most efficient connecting link to awakening the spiritual abilities that will best benefit you in your relationship with spirit and your spiritual purpose.

My journey into greater Light of the Heavens began early one morning. Marshall and I had been meditating the previous evening and I always channel Entura Art the following morning. I do this to gain greater insight and understanding of the spiritual knowledge we received through the channeled drawing. This particular morning at 5AM on my way to my art room, I audible heard a voice say: The Secret of Light and Phenomena is Light. This one sentence changed Marshall and my life forever. I have been channeling for 45 years and have seen much phenomena in that time but hadn’t seen anything compared to what we have experienced in these past two years. Trust me, You will also feel Spirit and their love for you in the channeled art and messages as you gaze at the drawings and read the pages of Light from the Heavens.

Connecting with Spirit in these present times is different than any other times I have experienced. The veil between the invisible and visible worlds disappears for those who have a desire to work with Spirit. State your desire and you shall receive. Close your eyes and become still. Place your palms upward: Ask to be a channel of God’s love and healing light and you will feel the confirmation of energy flowing into the palms of your hands. Tell them you want to learn everything possible about love, wisdom and harmony that is possible and you want to touch others with your healing love and light. Be aware and observant. When the first opportunity arrives, share your light and love as your intuition guides you.

I personally know and love so many of our Delphi friends and one day hope to meet those of you I haven’t met but until then know that being continually Connected with Spirit will beneficially transform your life forever.

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