Picture of God's Grace Series - Divine Mother's Treasures

God's Grace Series - Divine Mother's Treasures

Print Size: 18" x 12", Canvas: Print wrapped on canvas 24" x 15", Framed: Print Size 24" x 15" with matte and frame 34" x 25"
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God's Grace Series - Divine Mother Treasures

The touch of gold between Mother’s heart and throat chakra (center) and the golden light over her crown chakra are the focus of this art rendering. Mother reminds that all that exists in her created world exists within the heart of God. She reminds that we are loved. She brings us an awareness that we are never alone and that we are loved unconditionally. Our abundance lies in Knowing that the Light of God is within us and around us. She asks us to find that Knowing and we will know we have a purpose for being on earth. She calls our attention to the two blue keys on her right and whispers in our ear: These keys are your freedom and your abundance. One is the light of your feminine nature which is my life force. Use My Light to find the abundance of who You are. The other key is for you to find the Christ Light within you, your male life force that carries you home to God with each inhalation of your breath. Through Meditation, you will find both keys and use them to fulfill your spiritual mission and purpose for being on Mother Earth. I Am with you Always.
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