Picture of God's Grace series - Peace of Mind and Heart

God's Grace series - Peace of Mind and Heart

Print Size: 18" x 12", Canvas: Print wrapped on canvas 24" x 15", Framed: Print Size 24" x 15" with matte and frame 34" x 25"
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God's Grace Series - Peace of Mind and Heart

The vast amount of water is the focus of this art rendering.Water is the element that reflects the shifting of emotions through the use of imagination. Water adapts to its environment. The woman with large white bird overhead stands beside a large sun on one side and a full moon on the other illustrating the awakening of our God Light within and the glorious rising of the feminine light in our world. Our feminine teaches us to flow and change according to need. Water that does not flow becomes stagnant. We must be able to shift like the waters around us. We must be able to ride them and flow with them without becoming engulfed by them. We must be able to shift our energies to meet daily tests and challenges and responsibilities. The feminine within us is associated with intuition, dreams, inner vision and spiritual journeys and will guide and direct our spiritual awakening. Peace of Mind and Heart is accomplished through the wisdom of our feminine nature within both males and females. The still small voice calls us to transcend the chaos in our world and focus on the love and beauty within and in our world in order to have Peace of Mind and Heart.
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