Picture of Initiation on Arcturus

Initiation on Arcturus

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Initiation of Arcturus

The focus of this art rendering is the Initiation of the woman in white standing in the center. Each of the masters from Arcturus on left in golden color are Initiating the woman in a sacred triangle of Love, Wisdom and Understanding in order to assist in preparing man for ascension in the New Day. Earth is receiving a strong influx of energies from our Cosmic friends. The masters on Arcturus have been assisting the co-evolution of earth and man ever since cellular life appeared on our planet. They are one of the three groups helping the most with the evolution of our planetary gridwork system. A fascinating aspect they have explained is the work they do involves water. Many people believe that ascension is only concerned with our subtle bodies. However, our physical bodies are ascending as well. They are not ascending away from earth as many people believe. Our physical bodies are refining and ascending on cellular levels. The higher beings on Arcturus contain a significant amount of the metaphysical element of water. Our friends are helping to accelerate our material evolutional process by helping the water in our cells become more structured. They have taught the Initiatethat the water within our living cells isn’t ordinary water such as tap water. It is highly structured and referred to as a liquid crystal. They are always seeking channels able to assist in their work.
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