Picture of God's Grace series - Dolphin and Beings from Pleiades

God's Grace series - Dolphin and Beings from Pleiades

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God's Grace Series - Dolphin Beings from Pleiades

The Light ship from Pleiades in the center is the focus of this drawing illustrating the clarity of communication and significant amount that is coming to us from them. A dolphin is seen circling the ship signifying that dolphins are also from Pleiades and are master communicators. The lit sunrise at top illustrates that Pleiades is one of the brightest star clusters visible and is known as the seven sisters. The Beings from Pleiades in white reveal their hearts illustrating their message is Love. This meditation was unlike any meditation we had before. Intense electrical charges surged through our bodies as they emphasized that spiritual evolution is not about transcending matter, but rather integrating Matter with Spirit. Beings from Pleiades are extremely relevant at this present time because they are involved in two major aspects of man’s development. The first is the significant and increasing role of the divine feminine in bringing light, balance and healing to our planet and fellow man. The other is energizing the seed of Love - Christ Consciousness within the heart of man. They are responsible for helping advanced students access the universal presence of the Cosmic Christ. They play a vital role in working at the cellular and sub-cellular levels, including work with the DNA strands. They are responsible for the disc-like orbs of light that are being seen by many in our world at this time. They are master teachers and enjoy channeling spiritual knowledge about Spirit and Mother Earth. They have channeled many technical innovations as well as Entura art. They are the originators of many methods of healing, and many other creative enterprises that bring greater light to Mother Earth and all of mankind. The steps at bottom left illustrate their invitation to participate with them in meditation.
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