Picture of Akashic Record Halls

Akashic Record Halls

Print Size: 18" x 12", Canvas: Print wrapped on canvas 24" x 15", Framed: Print Size 24" x 15" with matte and frame 34" x 25"
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Akashic Records Halls

The focus of this art rendering is the Akashic Record Halls at the top that begin in deep blue and graduate to light purple. The Keeper of the records stands in front welcoming those that come from astral planes and earth to view their lifetimes on earth. Many spiritually aware individuals journey to the halls through meditation, dreamtime and other spiritual processes to observe the progression of their journey to enlightenment. The Beings on top have just viewed their records and filled themselves with the light of self- knowledge. Records are easy to access and serve to give individuals knowledge of past life abilities as well as past life difficulties. The discovery of abilities has allowed many to bring them forth in their current life. The discovery of past difficulties has served to heal present life difficulties through greater self-knowledge. Many individuals have been able to access their records through this specific drawing. The Light beings at the bottom are Masters, master teachers, spiritual Initiates and healers that work with physical beings. They are higher beings who serve in numerous ways to assist the enlightenment of mankind. The woman in center with deep blue structure in front of her is a master teacher who calls souls to awaken their spiritual gifts through meditation. The woman in front of three crystals is a healer. The woman furthest to the right of drawing serves by training people on earth to work with butterflies and birds as spiritual messengers of awakening.
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