Picture of Transition Bridge

Transition Bridge

Print Size: 18" x 12", Canvas: Print wrapped on canvas 24" x 15", Framed: Print Size 24" x 15" with matte and frame 34" x 25"
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The One Who Cares

The Transition Bridge spans the unchartered waters of the transition state. The being on far right stands on the first section: Expectation. The light above reminds us to use our inspired mind to list only the positive, productive and loving things we expect to see in our new space. The midsection Recall signifies the most activity. The spiral below and large white vase with lights, point the way for us to look above the bridge to see all the spiritual beings that assist us during our transition time. The figure in top center invites us to ascend the stairs to our inspired mind before listing the qualities, strengths, abilities and things that we wish to take with us. The brown behind him reminds us to leave negativity of doubt, judgment and confusion behind. The tall woman on the left in rose signifies the third section: Movement. The figure in white on far left holds a goldenarc signifying to cross with confidence and inspired thoughts of moving to the most exceptional, abundant space possible. The deep gold on far left illustrates the golden opportunities to be discovered in our wonderful new space.
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