Picture of Inner Child

Inner Child

Print Size: 18" x 12", Canvas: Print wrapped on canvas 24" x 15", Framed: Print Size 24" x 15" with matte and frame 34" x 25"
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In this art rendering, the woman on left and golden child on right signify a state of separation between the woman and her inner child. The child’s sadness and absence of mouth signify her inability to express her childhood. At an early age, she assumed the role of adult caretaker because of existing conditions. As a result, she lost her youthful spirit along with her sense of awe and wonder. She disliked her dutiful role and remained isolated in her Ivory Tower to prevent having to take care of anyone else. The blue and white being in the center depicts inspirational forces that assisted her healing through the discovery and re-uniting with her inner child: the source of her youthful energetic creative spirit.
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