Picture of The New Day by Charles Paul Curcio

The New Day by Charles Paul Curcio



A true story about God and man, The New Day is the transformational life story of entrepreneur Charles“Chuck” Curcio, known for his unique and offbeat TV commercials as the Tire King, who parlayed a 500 dollar investment into fame, fortune, and the American Dream. Then God came to him one October day and asked Charles to work for Him,with this simple instruction: "You are to learn about me and about you, and then teach others who they are too."  At first he resisted, but then Charles agreed to serve God, and from that day forward his life changed dramatically, ultimately leading him to Delphi University of Spiritual Studies and the incredible world of God and Spirit that can be accessed and experienced directly by all people.

In the first part of the book Charles details his early life and business career, how he became a successful entrepreneur, the secrets of his business success, and the spiritual principles he used to achieve it.  This is a must read for any serious entrepreneur and aspiring business owner.  Charles then takes the reader on his own personal spiritual journey and shares many of the incredible events which occurred along the way, like speaking directly with God, miraculous healings, spiritual phenomena, and the insight, understanding, and wisdom he has gained as a result.  

The New Day is a manual of the Spirit, a Spiritual Handbook and Primer in which you will learn the truth and purpose of life: where you’ve come from, where you’re headed, the spiritual abilities you possess, how you can develop and express them, and how to bring healing, harmony, and abundance into your life. Simple, straightforward, new and revolutionary, Charles will give you a whole new understanding, depth, and perspective of who and what you really are, and what life and existence are really about. In the New Day you will learn the truth about life and being, our own spiritual nature, our relationship with the Universe, the reasons we come to earth, and our purpose, plan, and mission.

As only he can, Charles departs to the reader profound and yet simple spiritual truths, articulating the way things truly are, and sharing many things one has probably never heard or realized before like the principles of Energy, Life's Journey, Purpose, and Plan, Eternal Life and Consciousness, the Myths of Death, Heaven, and Hell, the Law of Karma, the True Nature and Cause of Illness and Dis-ease, and the Spiritual Powers and Gifts You Possess.

The New Day is an incredible story of Spirituality and Spiritual Awakening, Love,Miracles, Wisdom, and Spiritual Truth, providing the reader with a true perspective about life, existence, and the way things truly are. A treasure of spiritual truth and principles, The New Day will finally answer the questions man has pondered within from the beginning of time: "Who am I, What am I, and What am I doing here?"  So keep an open mind and an open heart, and get ready to know the truth, the truth of life, your life’s purpose, the truth of you.


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