Picture of The Adventures of Prince Abba by Patricia Hayes

The Adventures of Prince Abba by Patricia Hayes

Are you ready to take a flight into Reality Fantasy?
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Reality Fantasy is a flight into reality that most people look upon as fantasy. The Adventures of Prince Abba begins with Volume 1, Prince Abba and Magi Patiput, which takes you into unimaginable places; a world of telepathy and telepathic-messaging, astral travel, dark lords, life beyond the death of one’s physical body, and a love that lasts for lifetimes. The Story Teller knows well the ancient mysteries and is privy to secrets about Magi, Kings, Adepts, Sages, wispy ghouls, Dark Lords, Trickster Demons and Enlightened Beings from other worlds.

Review of Prince Abba and Magi Patiput
by The Shift Doctors (Tracy Latz, M.D. & Marion Ross, Ph.D.)

All of you Matrix series, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings fans out there… how many of you have fantasized about attending an adult Hogwarts School where you learned about Ancient Mysteries that were as alive and real as you were? Well, we (The Shift Doctors) had the pleasure of experiencing graduating from such a magical, mystical, metaphysical academic program at Delphi University, located in McCaysville, GA. Delphi University is an Ancient Mystery school where students truly become initiates of the Ancient Mystery mystical teachings and experience a journey that other spiritual initiates have traveled over the course of mankind’s history. Patricia Hayes is the founder of Delphi University. We have had the privilege of knowing Patricia Hayes personally as our teacher and mentor.

Patricia is a driving force in intuitive and spiritual development as well as the author of several enlightening books. Her most recent book, titled Prince Abba and Magi Patiput, is the first in a trilogy unfolding the great mythical tale of a metaphysical initiate and spiritual “Everyman” as told through Patricia. The story is related from the perspective of The Story Teller, who has been given the mission of passing along the Ancient Mysteries to readers through this three book series. Prince Abba and Magi Patiput is the initial book in this magical journey and brings us into a world the author describes as ‘Reality Fantasy’. The story engages the reader in a universe filled with metaphysical teachings; including the realm of telepathy, reincarnation, astral travel and guides from other dimensions.

When you are ready they say the master will appear.  When you have this book in your hands, hold on tight because it can be a wonderful metaphysical education that gives the open minded initiate the keys to experience an invisible world that is always there beyond the veil and open you to an internal healing experience. Set your intention to suspend your disbelief and open your heart, so you can see beyond the dimension of this apparently ‘fictional’ tale and learn about the Ancient Mysteries that have been passed down over the millenniums as you read. Don’t be surprised if you feel a sense of awakening within you from chapter to chapter, as many of us have experienced this already.

This magical tale brings us into the mystical world of the orphaned, intuitive Prince Abba, who at age 23 leaves his castle prison and walks into freedom.  He finds a harsh, cold, difficult world, which expects too much of his extraordinary intuitive talents and abilities that he has nurtured and developed while in captivity. Abba is the hero of this tale as he sets out on his journey of discovery with his Master Teacher, Magi Patiput, to learn who he really is as spirit in matter. This magical book is not your usual glimpse of the path along the epic road to self -discovery and search for purpose. Along the way the reader may experience personal shifts and ‘aha’ moments as he or she witnesses the characters’ challenges in life and love, the search for self, as well as a soul connection to others and the universe.

We highly recommend this book for any initiate or would-be initiate who has a desire to connect to or recall their own journey along their spiritual path toward universal wisdom or Oneness. It would also make a wonderful gift to loved ones who may not yet be on the path but who are curious.

In Love & Light to all who are on the journey or those who are about to embark,
The Shift Doctors (Tracy Latz, M.D. & Marion Ross, Ph.D.)

Summary of book by Karen Willis, Ph.D

Prince Abba and Magi Patiput present an inspirational fable based on eternal truths and places it in an unusual and highly unique situation. The storyteller, Patricia Hayes introduces Abba, a sensitive and gifted young boy that was abducted at three years old, imprisoned and isolated from people in a small space until the age of 23. In order to maintain his sanity and nurture the hope of one day being free, Abba spent most of his time traveling on a beam of light through a small window near the ceiling. The adventure begins when young Abba is mysteriously set free in a frightening world full of demanding people. Once freed, he wants to get away from the world. His gift is not for show, and he finds the clamoring for his gift disconcerting. In his attempt to find solitude, he sets out on a journey to search for answers and soon finds Magi Patiput. As a master-initiate relationship forms, Abba finds himself in an even stranger environment of intrigue, telepathic messaging, out-of-body travel, trickster demons, and beings from other worlds that test and challenge his spirit, mind and body at every turn. Our hero is able to lift the lid of secrecy into ancient mysteries and becomes privy to experiences that transcend time and space; knowledge that his soul has patiently waited for him to discover. Abba meets his princess and discovers a love that has lasted for lifetimes and that will touch the most precious and sacred places within your heart. Separated physically through unusual circumstances, Abba is inspired to begin the process of self discovery and self healing as he increasingly becomes more aware of his flaws and finds purpose and direction for his unique gift, ending a long cycle of suffering. Prince Abba and Magi Patiput is the first in a series of two books about the adventures of Prince Abba.