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Miracles by Design: Patricia Hayes - Author & Intenational Spiritual Lecturer By Hal Price

“Divine Heart Specialist”™, Hal Price hosts Master Teacher, International lecturer, and author, Patricia Hayes. Patricia has appeared on numerous television programs including Current Affairs, Unsolved Mysteries, Unexplained Mysteries and Strange Universe. The producer and crew spent time at Delphi University filming Patricia for the Japanese version of 20/20 in Tokyo. Her work has been written about in over thirty books over the last thirty plus years. She is the author of four previous books: Intuitive and Spiritual Development, Know Yourself, The Gatekeeper and The Extension of Life that she co-authored with her husband, Marshall Smith. Her latest book, Prince Abba and Magi Patiput has just been published.

Patricia has been a pioneer in intuitive and spiritual development for over 45 years. She and her husband Marshall Smith are the founders of Delphi University in McCaysville, GA. Patricia developed the extensive career-oriented certification and degree programs offered through the University. Patricia worked with the well-known medium Arthur Ford in the 60’s and 70’s, and after his death, in 1974 founded the Arthur Ford International Academy of Mediumship. Today, graduates of the school from 42 different counties use their spiritual abilities for the purpose of channeling, guidance, and healing. In the early eighties, Patricia founded The RoHun Institute which offers an extensive study program in Spiritual Psychotherapy and Transpersonal Psychology for aspiring therapists. Patricia is also the founder of; a Self Enlightenment correspondence study program.

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Entura Art Internship

The Entura Art Internship program consists of five workshops that allow the Certified Entura Artist’s expertise and techniques to channel Soul Portraits, work with children, adolescents and adults to uncover unconscious or emotionally charged feelings that may be impossible to access by verbal means.The visual medium of art provides an avenue for symbolic and metaphoric expression that can lead to a deeper understanding of personality, inner experiences, critical facets of life experiences. Graduates are authorized as Field Instructor of Delphi University to teach Entura ArtI and II in their area.

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Delphi University

Delphi University is one of the world's leading Schools of Spiritual Studies. It is a private institution which offers undergraduate and graduate programs in Metaphysical and Transpersonal Psychology Studies, RoHun™ Spiritual Psychotherapy, Holistic Healing, and Alternative and Complementary Medical Therapies. Delphi University offers numerous Certification Programs, as well as Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral degrees for the career minded student interested in a Spiritual or Holistic Healing Practice.

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The University of Self Knowledge Self-Enlightenment Correspondence Courses

The program offers innovative teachings through an ordered and progressive curriculum. Courses begin with the Mystical Path followed by through Initiates, Advanced Initiates and Eternal Way Training. Each course guides individuals through the process of acquiring Self-Knowledge.The program blends innovative esoteric,metaphysical, and sacred teachings of the East and West, as well as specific meditative practicesthat inspire illumined states of consciousnessand light the way to God-Realization.

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